Dr. Abilio Afonso Lourenco

Abílio Afonso Lourenço, PhD in educational psychology by Minho University, Braga, and pós–doctorate in Psychology by Fernando Pessoa University, Porto, Portugal. Develops research in applied psychology, particularly in self-regulated learning, self-efficacy, motivation, procrastination, time management, SEM methodology (Structural Equation Models), Emotional Inteligence, disruptive behavior and conflict managemen. Published around 50 articles in national and international scientific journals, book chapters, and a book. Participated in several national and international conferences in the fields of Psychology and Education. Acts in the areas of Social Sciences with an emphasis in Psychology and Education. In their professional activities interacted with 36 authors in co-authorships of scientific articles. He is co-author of several psychometric scales in Psychology and Education. Is peer reviewer of scientific articles in 9 national and international journals in: Learning, Psychological Assessment, Pedagogy and Education, Teacher Training, Self-efficacy, Metacognition, Motivational Psychology, School, Self-Regulated Learning, Self Concept, Education, Teaching, Conflict Negotiation, Conflict Studies, Teaching and Learning, Educational Psychology, Educational Theory, Educational Assessment, Education Research, Negotiation, Social Psychology, Higher Education Research, Educational Management, Assessment, Pedagogy, Teaching Methodology, Educational Evaluation.